My 2008 compendium of nuclear issues:

The Code Killers

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Fukushima Daiichi / San Onofre updates:

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What if Zaporizhzhia is attacked?

Updated: Spent Nuclear Fuel in Dry Cask Storage: A "intractable" problem.

Two new video clips about nuclear issues (based on computer programs I've written):

Poison Fire USA: All the bombs, all the reactors, all the ships, all the subs, all the research reactors and many more "highlights" of America's nuclear heritage -- all in just 90 seconds! (via You-Tube):

USA Bomb Data: All the bombs, with location, size, yield, delivery method, etc. -- in under one minute!(via You-Tube):

Remembering 9-11 (and applying the lessons learned to Diablo Canyon and every other nuclear power plant on the planet):

Do Not Relicense Diablo Canyon! EnoughIsEnough

My latest booklet (free download or read online):

Beginner's Guide to Nuclear Power and Nuclear Weapons



Two pdfs:


Nuclear Power: Still Not Green

San Clemente public hearing on SanO:

(via You-Tube):

You call THIS a Tsunami wall?

(via You-Tube):

Fukushima Daiichi Beatles:

(aka Three Mile Island Beatles, as heard on the Dr. Demento Show!) (via You-Tube):

No Cause For Alarm:

(via You-Tube):

Fukushima USA:

(via You-Tube):


The Code Killers:

Why DNA and ionizing radiation are a dangerous mix

An expose of the nuclear industry

by Ace Hoffman

First Published: Fall 2008

"A monumental work" . . . "a wonderful compendium" . . ."superb!" . . . "a million thanks" . . . "a stunning effort and a wonderful resource." . . .

35+ years in the making -- thousands of interviews conducted to research this book! Hundreds of books read -- thousands of magazines scoured! Hundreds of drawings, photos, diagrams, and vital historic documents presented in one place! A unique work! Great for the beginner OR the expert! Bring THE CODE KILLERS to public hearings (and submit it electronically) so you always have the facts handy and THEY DO TOO!

Over 200 copies have already been sent to U.S. Congresspeople and other elected officials around the country. (We are trying to send it to the rest as fast as possible.) But of course, letters from someone in their own district make the most difference, so please ask your Congresspeople to read THE CODE KILLERS when it arrives!


* Rems, Rads, Grays, Sieverts, Curies...

* How nuclear reactors work (and not)

* Radiation effects on the human body

* The nuclear fuel cycle

* How atomic energy is released

* What is an isotope?

* The unsolvable nuclear waste problem

* ...and much more!

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